Select Studios Staff

Jordan Fischels: Studio Manager

Hi, I’m Jordan Fischels! I am the Studio Manager for Select Studios. I will be your main point of contact here at the studio. If you are inquiring about our services or want to schedule an appointment, I’ll be the one to help you out. I also manage our studio blog, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as all of our marketing, so that we can continue to bring in great clients like yourself.

Sarah Miller: Photo Retoucher

I'm Sarah Miller, and I am the retoucher and graphic designer for Select Studios. I clean up your photos before you receive them, giving you the best hair day you ever had, even if you didn't come in that way! I also do all of the graphic design for the studio, which includes all of our promotional and marketing material you might see on our website, blog, or social media. Your custom photo cards, media cases, albums, and other photo products are also created by me. I can't wait to help you create something amazing with your new photos!